Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So I've shifted.

To Bangalore, to a product company.

Yes, me and my wife. My parents are in Pune.

Yes, we've found a flat to stay in.

Yes, we like the city so far.

Oh yes, it is expensive, but there are small shops where you get affordable stuff, if you look.

Yep, I have some friends and relatives here.

No, I don't know how long I'll stay here.

Just a minute, let me put another rupee coin in.

Well, I expect to make a simple life here for myself. Naive hope, I know. I want to make time for reading and writing and exercise and talking and relaxing and generally feeling like I know where my life is headed.

Yeah? Ha ha ha, I know, that last one was a bit much.

All right then, I'll hang up. Be seeing you sometime.

Gotta go, there's some sort of dust in my eye. Probably a crumb from a Shrewsbury biscuit.


Abhishek said...

nice. very nice indeed ;)

prabha said...

hmm so will you stop 'pun'eing ?