Thursday, June 26, 2003

When you're feeling fine, you sometimes wish you were sick, so you could relax while the world works.

Of course, fall ill with a terrible cold, fever, and bodyache and you find you dont mind working at all in exchange for feeling good again. :)

Which is probably why I enjoyed working today: I've been down for about 4 days. Worst cold I ever had.

Plus they fiddled around with the setup here at my company and now i cant access the net (aka blog while code is compiling) while I'm logged on to our client's network. will need to figure a way out of that one.

Thought up this one today, and already cracked it, so you're free to reuse it if you want:

"Tumne khoob teensti nibhaayi"

"Teensti? Woh kya hai?"

"Yahan apan teen log hai na, isliye. Do hotey to dosti bolta tha"

And btw...something's wrong with my old comments tag as well...probably because they changed the blogger stuff....will work that out. mail me, whoever it was that posted the comment, please? thanks.