Thursday, June 19, 2003

Hear that whooshing sound? My birthday going by...:)

I remembered another story about birthdays : about my Dad and Dev Anand. Will elaborate today.

This post is mainly to test out the comments thingy i just added. So everyone who sees this, please try it out. Or you'll never hear about the Dev Anand story :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

I'm almost (gasp!) 28 years old... Kya kiya re life mein :) ! Birthday coming up tomorrow. No plans yet on how to celebrate. Come to think of it, no plans yet on whether to celebrate or not.

It might be worthwhile to dredge up some birthday-related anecdote here. Hmm...let's's the standard story I tell:

When I was a kid, living in Trivandrum, my school opened on the 20th of June. Since we spent the summer vacations in Indore and Surat (paternal and maternal grandparents' places respectively), we'd generally be in the train back to Trivandrum on the 18th. Always got me irritated. :).