Friday, February 11, 2005

Wow, I havent updated this blog in God knows how long! Strange, considering I actually am doing a lot of writing. A strange impulse is on me. Suddenly I feel attracted to all those plots I've left incomplete, all those stories that I left off because I got distracted by life. It isn't a sense of duty - as it often is - but a real sense of interest in knowing how those stories turn out. I mean, often I myself dont know how the story will feel once it's complete. So, busily trying to write all those.

For a change, instead of gloating over the books I've bought, I'm trying to list out the 'in-production' stories and essays in my head. I dunno how many of this stuff will make it out into the world, but if my present mood continues, most of it should show up here or in other magazines. Steven Spielberg, if any of these outlines interest you, I'll turn it into a screenplay instead. Just let me know.

1. Pawar Guest House, Chapter 8. I actually have this in complete state. At one time I'd have just dumped it out onto the blog....but somehow I want to polish it further, make it as professional as possible before spilling it.

2. "I Believe you've met my friends..." This one is totally, absolutely, complete. Unfortunately it's my entry into a contest. So, I can't publish it until they reject it. Which they will, I guess. I dunno.

3. A left handed tribute to a friend of mine, Gauri. This is actually a part of that 'dark Indian Gothic' thing I was writing, to which 'House on the Corner' also belongs. Again, almost done, I'm just polishing it.

4. Another tribute to another - um, acquaintance - of mine, Anjali. This one has most of the raw material ready, but requires heavy HTML formatting. Someday, when I'm really nostalgic for my college days ...

5. Yet another tribute to an imaginary friend of mine, Maytrayee. This one is halfway through. Boy, is this one going to be fun! [rubs hands gleefully]

6. Half-written essay on science fiction for Dinker's site.

7. Half-written novel, maybe 80+ pages, the core of that 'dark Indian Gothic' thing I referred to.

8. A complete 1800 word essay, meant for Outsourcee, which is currently saved for publishing in some printed periodical.

9. Of course, my scattered notes on Hinduism and India, which keep getting updated every once in a while.

10. Half written 'travel' piece, describing Ponk, my third-favourite Gujarati delicacy.

11. Halfway written travelogue on my trip to Himachal Pradesh, which is looking like a novella already - it's dozens of pages long.

12. Um, can't think of anything else...but 12 sounded like a nice big number of stories to be working on, so, um... oh yeah, this post itself - it's in production right now, isnt it?

Okay, time to cross off number 12 from the above list. It's done.