Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Does the rest of the world think of desi junta as idiots? Maybe they do, and maybe they don't, but check out the lone desi-sounding name in the comments to this blog post.
So many of the comments desi junta make in public forums are of roughly the same grammatical and intellectual calibre. Why oh why?


Tejaswi said...

Reminds me of the dingy orkut-scrap-book-corridors.

Speaking of grammar and writing, I am surprised that you use the word "Junta" instead of "Janata."

Got your link from JR's blogroll, and he told me you are a fan of Nabakov. You might want to read my post "inspired" by Lolita:

Vivek said...

hi theda
here iam.
do visit the ecotourist blog for a starter. watch out for my blogs in future.

Rob said...

I enjoy reading through your blog. By the way, if you are interested in talking about a link exchange with me at, please let me know.