Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A: I'm lonely.

B: Why is that? You're surrounded by people.

A: These people are different from me, hence I cant explain myself to them.

B: I get it. You're different from me because your name's A and mine is B. The same with all the other around here.

A: No, names dont matter, that isnt what I meant.

B: Oh, I get it now. We're different because I like Shah Rukh Khan and you dont.

A: No, that doesnt matter either. We're different in other ways.

B: So you're saying that the loneliness is because the difference between you and others is in something that matters to you? If the difference were in something that didnt matter, you could talk to them?

A: Well, yes, now that you put it that way.

B: So why do those things matter to you? The ones that, because they're different from others, make you lonely?

A: They just do. Everyone has some ideas, or beliefs that are important to him. They're a part of his character.

B: So you're saying that your character makes you lonely?

A: That must be it.

B: Are you comfortable with your character?

A: I dont know. I mean, I dont have much experience of having other characters.

B: So you might be less lonely if only you changed your character? Or do you think it has too much control over you to be changed?

A: I dont know.

B: But you're implying that if you meet other people who dont differ from you in those 'things that matter', then you wont be lonely, you will share your feelings with them.

A: Yes.

B: Have you met any such yet?

A: I have. They are very few no doubt, but I have met such people.

B: But this makes me think. Are there such people who are so different that they can never have enough in common with anyone else? It is entirely possible.

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