Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Here's the beginning of a doomed attempt : to constrict into words the thoughts of sights, sounds, ideas and patterns that flit through me.
Current ideas that occur to me as worth writing about:

My current favourite topic of Patterns and how seeing them makes them exist (a la Foucault's Pendulum). Also how this creates preception systems. Hindusim being one of the most popular generally held perception systems : where do the perceived patterns end and self-existing pattern (existing without perception) interact?

Books, movies, games, comics worth talking about

Slashdot type stuff

If I find the courage, the girls. [How much pondering it took to decide to add this! but lets see if I can ever discuss it]

The little short story type stuff that pops up occasionally. Including rehashes of the older stories I've written....this is as good an archive as any.

PJs. PJs whenever I think up good ones :) whatever a Good PJ is...

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